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Prince Of Denmark hints at new material

People and things tend to grow apart after a while, and even the most revered of electronic music producers can feel the pull of open adventure. Today Giegling’s now-former crown jewel Prince of Denmark released an update via a new track on his alternative Soundcloud account “Planet Uterus”, letting us know that “early last year [he] stopped working with giegling…renovations are working out well, will soon be finished.” What will come next and in what format is still unknown. For now check out the update and music below:

early last year i stopped working with giegling. over time i kind of more and more lost touch with it. maybe it’s a bit sad in the beginning to see things change and grow apart somehow, but that’s the nature of life sometimes. what it means, simply no more involvement of mine in it, no more future music or whatsoever.
it was, with all its ups and downs, a meaningful time and a time to grow.
renovations are working out well, will soon be finished.
from planet uterus with love

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