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Qnete lines up debut album ‘Play-Doh Stories’ on 777 Recordings

After a first instalment on 777 Recordings in 2016, Bremen-based producer Qnete returns to Ron Wilson‘s imprint with his debut full-length ‘Play-Doh Stories‘, scheduled for release 27 April.

Combining cuts new and old, the twelve-track album documents the various facets and dimensions of a producer then looking to establish himself durably in the underground scene and his steady evolution, from his 2015-released breakthrough EP on Lobster Theremin onward.

Sweeping a lush palette of jacking house rhythms, ambrosial ambient-ish excursions and dynamic techno tropes, Qnete delivers a testimonial LP both sketchy and fragmented at times, but also undeniably well-articulated and comprehensive; all in all an ideal entry point into the German artist’s rousing musical multiverse and its sub-branches, as further explicited by the press sheet:

“Hello, I am Qnete and these are my Play-Doh Stories. Some of them are already three years old and it feels like I’ve become somewhat of a different person since then. Still, I like to listen to them from time to time, thinking of how I was back then, reminding me of what helped shape me, what helped me become who I am now.

Sometimes, I also get the feeling that it is not me who wrote the stories. They seem to seem unknown to me, just like they seem to you, because you are not me. Then I listen, and I know again.”

Play-Doh Stories is released via 777 Recordings on 27th April.


1. The Big Journey
2. Tools Of Interception
3. Tendencies
4. I Wanna See You Soon
5. Stomach
6. The Wrong Direction
7. Deserved Tribute
8. Memory Track
9. Deserved Disrespect
10. Lushwave Fantasy
11. Centering
12. Magic Kingdom Trance

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