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Raster-Noton To Release Kyoka’s New Album ‘is (Is Superpowered)’ In May

From Tokyo to Berlin via L.A., Kyoka‘s glitch and techno indebted experimentation finds its spiritual home on Raster-Noton. Following up on 2012’s ‘iSH’, also on r-n, “is (Is Superpowered)” is the artist’s first full-length LP.

The album features Kyoka’s vocals more heavily than her previous releases, while her eccentric production is bolstered by the talents of labelmates Frank Bretscheider (Komet) and Robert Lippok (To Rococo Rot). The result is a stylistically broad and surprisingly cohesive record that compels and arouses the listener.

In ‘Re-Pulsion’, for example, a rolling groove is complemented by incessant vocal glitches and restless hi-hats that demonstrate the charming fitfulness of Kyoka’s unique artistic vision. Both melodically satisfying and rhythmically daring, the record is more club-friendly than most of Raster-Noton’s output, while still fitting comfortably alongside the rest of the label’s catalogue.

“is (Is Superpowered)” will be released in May via Raster-Noton. Stream “Re-Pulsion” via Soundcloud.

Discover more about Kyoka and Raster-Noton on Inverted Audio.


1. Intl-A_Bln
2. Flashback
3. Lined Up
4. Rot Neu
5. Rollin’ & Tumblin’
6. New Energy Shuffle
7. Toy Planet
8. Moonboots
9. Re-Pulsion
10. Meander
11. Piezo Version Vision
12. Mind The Gap