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Ninos Du Brasil: Vida Eterna

Ninos Du Brasil show us another side to the tropics, a darker, more claustrophobic and chaotic landscape where the visceral fight for survival is a daily reality. Vida Eterna feels as though it takes place on the rainforest floor, in a dark and dank place full of the menace of the wild.

Nackt: Virex

True to 100% Silk style, Virex reconciles the gritty with the polished, modernises the classic without disrespecting it and harnesses the beast within the machine without taming it.

Objekt: Flatland

It is challenging, it is experimental, it is fractured and skittish. It is brazen in some places, and indirect in others…However the album triumphs primarily in its achievement of every great LP’s lofty ambition: to walk a tightrope between diversity and cogency.

Mix Tape: Habits of Hate

In their first interview feature together, Inverted Audio speaks to Habits of Hate, Happa and Manni Dee, about their upcoming debut release on Electronic Explorations, their production process and the effect of geography on music. They’ve also compiled a 15 track Mix Tape featuring William Basinski, Blur, Skirt, Regis and more.

Takuya Matsumoto: Ram EP

Taking inspiration from almost every flavour of house and techno going, the Ram EP often invites external comparisons, yet still defies hard-and-fast classification – a testament to Matsumoto’s singular sound.

Francis Harris: Minutes of Sleep

Through an innovative approach to recording and production, Francis Harris has demonstrated versatility within the frameworks of house and ambient music that is seldom executed with such finesse.

General Ludd: The Fit of Passion EP

The Fit of Passion EP is at once an exercise in indulgent rhythmic experimentalism for the heads, and a pair of versatile floor-fillers for the punters. Highly recommended.

Archie Pelago: Lakeside Obelisk

This EP does what Archie Pelago have always done so well: by juxtaposing and collaging such disparate musical tropes, it creates something much more than a mere portmanteau of genera for fickle novelty, but an entirely new mode of approaching the boundaries we impose on music.

Elgato: Links / Sun

Like many artists from the inimitable Hessle Audio camp, Elgato is not a man who favours quantity over quality. Turning in a grand total of four
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Bibio: The Green EP

Compiled as an addendum of sorts to his May 2013 album Silver Wilkinson, The Green EP sees Stephen Wilkinson AKA Bibio construct a wider context for the album’s second
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Actress: Ghettoville

As a reviewer tasked with picking apart the numerous enigmatic strands of Actress’ fourth and potentially final record, it’s tempting to cross-examine it with that infuriatingly cryptic
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