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Akkord: Akkord002

Δkkord continue their isolated, murky, highly satisfactory brand of house with their second release of the year. Their identities are still a mystery, but thankfully their musical prowess isn’t something that is up for debate. Akkord002 is a powerhouse of a release, the most striking aspect being that their progress over the last few months has been swift and on target. While Akkord001 was a rather heavyweight, saturated affair that lumbered from track to track, ‘Persistence’ and ‘Nexus’ are practically featherweight in comparison, darting and refreshing. The most pressing factor lies in the increasingly refined ability to create a natural, progressive ark that runs throughout the release over both tracks.

‘Persistence’ displays this new-found sense of purpose. It’s a real accomplishment that showcases genuine prowess and ingenuity. The spirituality is still there, meditative samples and eastern influences permeating from ‘Persistence’ at every opportunity, even some fleeting church choir samples at it’s tail end. Gritty wobbles serve as ornamental flourishes, but provide a real emotional platform from which to build. At its core, it remains a wonderful example of the style and format that it’s authors have carved out, a style that is quickly becoming instantly recognisable.

‘Nexus’ lulls you into a false sense of security, a wispy opening betrayed by some of the most satisfying sub-bass you’re going to hear all year. When the wandering synth’s return, it provides a dichotomy that really transcends that threshold between a good and great release, a superb marriage of elements that remains instantly accessible but demands repeated listening in equal measure. With Akkord002, the collective have shown real development and a shrewd ear for current trends. A genuinely exciting outfit.