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DJ Sotofett / SVN: Current 82 (12 Mix) / Dark Plan 5

SUED honcho SVN and Sex Tags co-founder Sotofett champion a singular, thought-provoking sound, showing very few consideration for trends and the current musical zeitgeist. This certainly is the main reason of their unparalleled success: sheer unorthodoxy supplemented by a boundless music science, all put to work to the benefit of an ever-challenging audio research with an offbeat club-ready attitude. On this front, this new effort for Sähkö sister label Keys Of Life is no surprise.

Although it floats in a well beaconed zone of spacious ambient house – it could be the lovechild of Larry Heard and Freestyle Man, ‘Current 82 (12 mix)‘ has the power of indelibility and endless charm of a first time. Forget everything you’ve heard before and it’ll give you the chills with its stripped-back instrumental accommodation – weaving a sequence of lissome strings gracing the grooves like a non-stop transmission from heavenly realms as percussions beat a delicate, well-tempered pulse. Pure grace from the Most High.

Dark Plan 5‘ pushes further the script-like rhythm, bleeps and bloops looping like a pitched-up busy tone as stomping 808 kicks and cathedral reverbs accentuate the inward-looking nature of the track – swapping the celestial flux of Sotofett’s track for a more confined drift. Subtle breaks and drops breathe in a healthy dose of floor-friendly groove to definitely keep it out of the tool category. Between the forward-moving swing of SVN’s airless techno roller and the sky-scraping lift of Sotofett’s track, it’s only a matter of taste. Quality itself is a constant.

Current 82 (12 Mix) / Dark Plan 5 is out now, order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A. DJ Sotofett – Current 82 (12 Mix)
B. SVN – Dark Plan 5

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