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Dream_E: Crushed EP

"There's a real sense of life affirmation going on here.
Carpe diem techno, if you will"

In October 2020, Scottish producer Zander Hay’s life took a sudden turn. Struck down with a rare brain infection, Encephalitis, there was a one in three chance he wouldn’t make it through. Thankfully, we are here in July 2021 talking about his latest record release and venture – a charitable EP whose proceeds are going towards individuals and families who have had their lives turned upside down by this disease.

Having released across a variety of distinguished labels – including Craigie Knowes, Pace Yourself and Optimo Music – Zander has now consolidated all of his previous aliases – including The Burrell Connection – under the umbrella of Dream_E. There’s a real sense of life affirmation going on here. Carpe diem techno, if you will.

The most outstanding track from this quartet is the supremely constructed ‘Freefall‘. This is a piece of several moving parts, moving in perfect harmony. Angel choirs call out from the heavens for a jungle bass line, straight out the basements of London, to ooze up in reply. urging, churning dub chords drive the track on as it switches from technoid programmed breaks into a lovely raw slab of amen and back again.

Vibrancy and vitality threads through the entire release. ‘Loop II Infinity‘ is drenched in breathless strings, ‘Love Mixxed‘ pulls up a wiggly 90’s tech-house groove, and ‘Radiant‘ deviates from its airy brethren for some chewed up and gnarly techno. What’s not to love here? A worthy cause and four absolute bangers, you should already be on this.

‘Crushed’ EP is out now via The Burrell Connection. A donation will be made to The Encephalitis Society Charity following each release. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Loop II Infinity
2. Freefall
3. Love Mixxed
4. Radiant