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Earth Trax: LP1

"Maybe someone will dig this up in years to come,
and realise the gem they're about to listen to"

When people talk about house music being samey samey – the fuck u mean bruv? – perhaps The Bro Codes listened to too many Kaskade mixes – and, granted we had to wait for the drop, but fusing the best of all past and present monikers into his current day Earth Trax, real name Bartosz Kruczyński meshes awash of house, ambience, breakbeat and acidic melancholies, showing how to produce a proper range of the genre, better than any new Afrojack alias could hide being flatulent.

The result is ‘LP1‘, Kruczyński’s debut album as Earth Trax. A sizeable effort, often hypnotising, sometimes stellar, but mostly thought-inducing. Having released many hazy moments and jams with fellow Warsaw based Newborn Jr., the timing has been plump after a string of several releases on different labels, with the decision to pop this out on Shall Not Fade being righteous.

It is, what it is, music to make you dance is the creed Shall Not Fade live by, and it does just that. With a roster of heavy hitting gems, many, many dope artists and rollicking sleeve-work, the fitting for ‘LP1‘ on SNF is as snug as Afrojack’s arsehole…ok, lets stop poking fun at the guy who banged the milk bottle Ghoul, but can I Guetta handclap? Really doe, ‘LP1‘ is all lovely jubbly ya get me, bursting out the scenes like a juicy fruit.

Starting things out with euphoric harmonies, felt lyrics and breaks, Earth Trax begins exploring phenomenal soundscapes off the bat with ‘I’m Not Afraid‘, to moments like the moody atmosphere of ‘Denial‘, the range explored in intricate detail is definitely cognizant of what you’d come to expect from Bartosz, but by the time ‘Pandora’s Box‘ is warping open, swaying seamlessly into ‘Full Throttle‘, it’s game time with acid belters.

LP1‘ is designed as a listening piece in it’s entirety, but every track has and can stand in it’s own capacity, which is probably great for the new era of music listening that is shuffling Spotify playlists, cos this album pays more dividends than Chris Benoit’s lat pull down machine.

Mood setters dawg, gotta dig the ambience. ‘Adhocracy‘ is the one that stands out again and again after every listen, there is something I can’t quite pin down with it, and that’s ok, because it’s good to come back to a piece and still vibe with those feely feels.

Ideally, this will get out there into the world wide web, the crates of DJ’s, and “liked” on the socials, but given a miss, maybe someone will dig this up in years to come, and realise the gem they’re about to listen to.

‘LP1’ is scheduled for release 7 March via on Shall Not Fade. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


A1. I’m Not Afraid
A2. Deep Dive
B1. Pandora’s Box
B2. Full Throttle
C1. Adhocracy
C2. Fade Away
C3. Denial
D1. Copies Of Copies
D2. Your Fading Other
D3. Mechanisms
Digital Bonus 1. Squawk Box
Digital Bonus 2. Occupy
Digital Bonus 3. I’m Not Afraid (Radio Mix)

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