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Facta: Blush

"Even in the rowdier moments on 'Blush', we see the signs that
Facta is spreading his wings beyond genre"

Among the wide family of UK labels pushing adventurous club music, Wisdom Teeth has managed to carve its own space. Label founders Facta and K-Lone have developed an ever-changing yet strongly recognisable identity which, thanks to the flawless quality of every release, is gathering a trusted fanbase ready to embrace whatever direction in which the label is going to push next.

After K-Lone’s critically acclaimed ‘Cape Cira‘, the UK-based label starts 2021 with its second full length coming from the other label co-founder, Facta. Whereas ‘Cape Cira‘ was a lush, tropical dream of distant landscapes, ‘Blush’ feels closer to home. While still soaked with water drums, birds singing, crystal clear synths and heartwarming pads, dancefloor orientated moments are a bit more present and prominent, accidentally picturing UK’s historical moment.

Facta has a proven record of ability in crafting creative and enjoyable drums and melodies and ‘Blush‘ is no exception to that. Opening with ‘Sistine Plucks’, a digital ballad revolving around a lucent harp and a carpet of natural found-sounds, the album moves promptly onto ‘On Deck’, a cascade of strings and mallets bouncing over a dancehall-nodding drum beat.

The album continues unfolding new rhythms and styles, such as the jazz-tinged drums and bleeps-and-bloops of ‘Brushes’. Drums kick harder in ‘Verge’, while a guitar progression preserves a dreamy and relaxed mood, reminding us of Balearic’s golden era.

The slow-paced ‘Iso Stream’ introduces us to the flip-side, the sound palette and creative arrangement here bearing similarity to some of Upsammy’s productions: another artist whose music explores a more meditative and elaborated side of electronic music.

Joining forces with fellow Bristol family and Wisdom Teeth buddy Parris, on ‘Diving Birds’ the two pair opt for a four-the-floor drum beat, with a single note guitar cutting through the other elements which gradually get introduced: synths, a dreamy piano, pads and a calm female vocal.

Title track ‘Blush’, gently evocative of summery drum and bass with its chords and sine-wave sub bassline, is the perfect anthem for sunny spring walks. ‘Low Bridge Lights’ brings us to the end of this beautiful album with fluctuating pads slipping over looped field recordings.

All in all, ‘Blush‘ seems to complete something of a puzzle in Facta’s productions. The musician has cut his teeth releasing acclaimed singles for numerous outfits over the years, and finally adding an album to the repertoire feels timely, thanks in part to his avoidance of club-centric productions here. Even in the rowdier moments on ‘Blush’, we see the signs that Facta is spreading his wings beyond genre, which were his cradle.

It fits, too, with Wisdom Teeth’s current direction of lighter-touch electronica, showcasing Facta and K-Lone’s impeccable ear for the other frequencies in modern electronic music, but also an apparent capability to both sense and predict a cultural mood. ‘Cape Cira‘ unwittingly became the anthem to many a lockdown soothe session, and ‘Blush‘ looks primed to chart the coming days of summer.

‘Blush’ is scheduled for release 2 April via Wisdom Teeth. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Sistine (Plucks)
2. On Deck
3. Brushes
4. Verge
5. Iso Stream
6. Diving Birds (with Parris)
7. Blush
8. Low Bridge (Lights)