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Globex: Inversia 1

To say the least, Vancouver-via-Berlin Acting Press has enjoyed a stellar freshman season, breaking through with a firmly affirmative stance towards the “classic” sound aesthetic all the while making a strong artistic statement for the times to come. Getting out in the light for the release and release only, this is how the imprint operates – each offering being delivered as an autonomous piece, existing in and for itself whilst driven by the immediacy of the consecrated in-club experience. This new outing is no exception.

Permuting combinations since the CC Not debut – fruit of a collaboration between PLO Man, All Rest No People and C3Deee whereas the latter two teamed up as Attitudes In Error for the third, only the BCR resident has enjoyed a release of his own – and still remains. This time, Globex makes for the conjunction of the label’s co-founding pair aka PLO Man and C3D-E joined by Mood Hut and Future Times affiliate Hashman Deejay.

Inversia 1‘ certainly surpasses the splendid ‘Stations Of The Elevated‘ in terms of unambiguous accessibility. The A side clearly bears the print of newly-incorporated collaborator Matt Tanner, finely reminiscent of his outstanding debut LP ‘Sandopolis‘ tinged with a Carl Craig ‘Butterfly’ kind of vibe. With its long-legged pads pacing over a sun-soaked bed of ambient house tropes propelled by a galloping carriage of tumultuous kicks and halftone percussions – check those quirky claps and sliced-and-diced vocals getting peeled off in big-room reverbs, the track arrays quite a fascinating depth of focus fleshed out with heavy floor-aptitude. Total stunner.

Flip the record and Globex multi-hued flavor blasts straight in your face in a relentless topping off. A full-throttle ride that gets the BPM counter off the ground, compressed hi-hats savagely showering like there’s no time left to put on airs. Whilst a herd of aqueous bleeps and bloops rise back to the surface, it’s the subtle trumpeting melody that comes in around the last quarter that definitely complements the track’s epic groove substance and fast-breaking ability. A 360 slam dunk to posterize fakers and poseurs.

That’s probably the label’s defining trait that seduces in and around the techno and house spheres – a contagious feeling of utter necessity similar to that of the early house’s heyday, when records where being cut and served up piping-hot to the closest DJ booth, not relying on the hype of the previous outings as some may think but wiping the slate clean of anterior successes to build up the following. A silent process crowned with massive impact. The magic seems everlasting.

Inversia 1 is out now, order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A Untitled
B Untitled

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