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James Booth / Tyler & Mandre: Split 10″ Vol. 1

After a ten year hiatus, Workshop co-founder Lowtec finally exhumed his Out To Lunch imprint last year, inaugurating the label’s second life with a couple of first-class releases from up-and-comers The Hangout Project and Black Point. Finding a durable second wind is no easy matter but Jens Kuhn is certainly one who knows how to transition epochs and styles with impressive aplomb.

Launching this brand new series of 10-inch split releases from a different angle, 100% Silk and Nous habitué James Booth rolls out a proper crowd-thawer right in time for summer festival action. Imagine that ‘Love‘ tune popping up in a gushing after session in the middle of nature, the sun lacing its blonde tentacles in between slow-dancing silhouettes and softly iridescent foliages whilst the track snatches your body and soul as Booth shifts the pitch and tempo of these all-consuming vocals in a supreme floor climax. Sprinkle that with a bit of shuffling drums and tension-rising snares and you get a hell of an adjustable stunner.

On the flip, ex !!! and LCD Soundsystem’s bassist Tyler Pope joins forces with Mandre on ‘Watusa Dub‘: a bouncy, multidirectional club weapon bursting with a corrosive bass-driven groove, 909 kicks, chiming cowbells and skittish guitar riffs. Whilst the energetic build-up keeps the pressure high and a flock of weird vocal fragments tickle your attention at key moments, it’s the crazed percussive work that carry the day here, offering an interesting counterpart to the anthemic strike-force of Booth’s bewitching modulations.

Split 10″ Vol. 1 is out now, order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A. James Booth – Love
B. Tyler & Mandre – Watusa Dub

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