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James T. Cotton: On Time EP

After a two-year wait since Tadd Mullinix’s last release as James T. Cotton on Spectral Sound, the man storms back with ‘On Time’. Four tracks packed with more music than any EP has a right to. The titular first cut announces itself with tight jacks and bouncing bass before a male voice begins an endless “On Time” mantra, twisting and churning furiously through more than eight minutes. The short ‘n sweet “Octopus” mines Drexciya territory with granular synths and washes of static. “On Time (Rick Wade  ’s Grimetime Remix)” is a decidedly sexy, nocturnal house reinvention of the original, pushing languorous keys to the fore. “Jak Your Own Stars” builds slowly with rubber band bass, cowbells, and an 8-bit melody till some nasty 808s toy with the funk.