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Jared Wilson: I Love Acid 017

It seems that Posthuman and I Love Acid have stealthily stepped from consistent purveyors of the 303 into a bit of a powerhouse. The label – and affiliates – have been regularly marching through releases since its celebratory tenth release – despite the continual challenges of an indie vinyl label in the face of oversubscribed pressing plant schedules – and is set for its strongest year yet. In guise of promoters, I Love Acid nights have been popping up all over the UK, where old hands have been joining fresh talent for some pure heady fun.

Staying with the theme of fresh talent – in relative terms of acid house legacy – ‘I Love Acid 017‘ sees Detroit producer Jared Wilson join the ranks. For the last ten years, he’s been cutting a path through some of the most boisterous labels on the scene, bouncing between his own 7777 imprint to the likes of Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Dolly and Super Rhythm Trax.

Lead track ‘Noctilucent‘ is a real highlight, hearkening back to ‘Getting That Feeling‘ from his Super Rhythm Trax release last year. For a brief moment it sounds like it is going to be a resonance assault, but quickly sidesteps into pastel pads and brassy leads. As you listen, your mind starts to drift towards early evenings in the summer months and you start to mentally wind down the window on an imaginary cruise in your car.

Following this, ‘Deepen The Mystery‘ has no pretence about being easy going. It is a pattern working groove end to end that encourages eyes to drop and feet to move. Then ‘Fort Street To Mars‘ ties off with a 606 drafted in to add an air of subtlety to a deep and reflective cut. Three distinct flavours, one machine in the spotlight.

I Love Acid 017‘ is another release which demonstrates why the label has a certain fandom. Those buying from Bandcamp often bump the payment to a very Roland friendly £8.08 or £9.09, and there are those that subscribe to receive each and every release. If you’ve not yet fallen under the ILA spell, there’s no excuse not to get involved.

I Love Acid 017 is out now, order a copy (whilst stocks last) at Bandcamp.

[Update: Jared has clarified that is just a subtler hue of the 808 on ‘Fort Street To Mars’. Never guess your Roland boxes.]


A1. Noctilucent
B1. Deepen The Mystery
B2. Fort Street To Mars

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