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Live At Robert Johnson: Lifesaver Compilation 2

Live At Robert Johnson brims with fun, it sings out of every corner in this subtle tender way. You tumble in love with their music, no falling. Everything is warm, it slowly undulates and throbs with wide fresh brushstrokes. Lifesaver Compilation 2 is the second calling card from the bi-monthly club night at the Frankfurt club / label, allow me to take you on a whirlwind tour of the movers and shakers here.

Roman Flugel is the star turn here with Tender Hooligan, an aptly titled techno marriage of sinister edges and raw vulnerability. The main melody is exhilarating; a pure tonic that briskly shifts shapes across taut percussion and gentle sqwal, it never loses focus as it meanders playfully and purposefully.

Lauer’s linguistic contribution Language is hot on his heels, a vibrant Drexicya infused track that pulsates and thrums around a snare of violent sensuous intensity, almost spat into a world of dark arpeggios and menacing choral elements. Chinaski brings a groovy strut to proceedings with Futuresex, four to the floor, it feels familiar and foreboding, deftly building through sublime shakers into this slow warm euphoria, the melodies ascending into a gorgeous purgatory.

Portable’s Dive In is rich, full bodied and complex, citrusy synthesisers rise and rise and pave the way for two warring soul samples, not quite shadow dancing but still, they ooze joy, dovetailing fiercely amid heady brass moments, with a lingering acid melody that fades this one out. Benedikt Frei, the newcomer, brings something muscular to the party with Brainwashed. A limber groove slides out of a pounding opening, tension building around a synth that swings over the groove as the drums build formidably, into acid and tension and darkness.

Massimiliano Pagliara and TCB’s contributions don’t really scratch the surface of their considerable talents, but they serve as more than adequate introductions to their spacious worlds. Phasing Down The Sea shows admirable energy and builds majestically, but it doesn’t make as much impact as Everything That Happens Is Supposed To Happen, a life-affirming cut from last year’s outstanding album With One Another. TCB has always turned out these tracks offering delightfully skewed sonic prisms for you to lose yourself in, however Byrdmap doesn’t unlock anything for me. Last and least, Orson Wells offers a digital revolution that seems premature.

It goes without saying that all of the Live at Robert Johnson releases are superbly packaged, and designed. The cover for this is a roaring negative, green on red that jarrs positively, jealousy and sepulchral energy transformed into something rapturous.

Lifesaver Compilation 2 is out now, order a vinyl copy from Live At Robert Johnson.


1. Orson Wells – Digital Revolution
2. Massimiliano Pagliara – Phasing Down The Sea
3. Lauer – Language
4. Roman Flügel – Tender Hooligan
5. Chinaski – Futuresex
6. Portable feat. Lcio – Dive In
7. TCB – Byrdmap
8. Benedikt Frey – Brainwashed


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