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Objekt: Cactus/Porcupine

2011 saw TJ Hertz, the mercurial producer behind the Objekt handle and record label, serve up a heavily diverse batch of futurist dancefloor killers that tied in the best of techno, electronica and house within his own mind-shattering framework of sweaty, wheel-up dubstep. In the short space of two mind-blowing releases, Objekt unexpectedly burst onto the scene as one of dance music’s most exciting propagators. Consequential remix work for SBTRKT and Radiohead found his profile rise well outside the usual circles.

Objekt’s first twelve away from his own label is a smattering of heavy dancefloor assaults, which finds Hessle Audio consolidating the darker, ravier path set up by Pangaea’s recent sonic detour into heavier sounds.

The colossal might of ‘Cactus’ is Hertz’s most minimal work on wax thus far, as Objekt’s trademark hat work skips above a thick layer of brutal sine attack. Distorted, dribbling basslines run amok amidst a tight rhythmic snap, as Hertz’s unusual timing of snares conjures up a highly original off-beat madness. ‘Cactus’ is a stripped-back move away from his penchant for deep techy melodies, instead focusing solely on his ability to smash the dance with prickly percussive finesse and flaming bassline ruckus.

The more densely composed arrangement of ‘Porcupine’ is more in line with the melodic, techno-driven vibes of Objekt’s previous releases. Deep Vainqueur-inspired chords sprout beneath a high octane conflict between thumping percussion, lightning fast fills and true Hard Wax aesthetics. Immersed in dense spheres of delay and ‘verb, ‘Porcupine’ hammers through several different rhythmic formations. The insane attention to detail in Objekt’s productions only bolsters his perceptive knack for melody, as a heavily-modulated motif of notch-filtered orbits in true cosmic style. This is forward-thinking dubstep at its most progressive intervals with Berlin.

Whilst perhaps not as alarmingly groundbreaking as his first two EPs, HES019 is still miles ahead. It certainly plays true to the fact that Objekt’s made quite a head start for himself in the grander scheme of things. Whether Objekt and Hessle Audio continue on in cahoots or part ways is a moot point – where both go from here will surely be just as intriguing.