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Pev: Aztec Chant / Livity

Hot off the success of his superb Kowton collab Raw Code, Bristol scene veteran Peverelist comes up with another awe-inspiring pair of club tracks that defy categorisation. On the subtly crafted A-side Pev’s trademark mind-bending beat patterns play host to throbbing sub-bass and exotic rhythms. The Bristolian has always had a knack for atmosphere, but when a rough-n-ready breakbeat intrudes into the subdued soundfield you’ll know you’re in for a treat. The junglist loop is sliced and diced to impressive effect in the track’s final minutes, as Pev takes an undulating approach to structure which cannily eschews traditional build-drop-breakdown dynamics.

B-side Livity has been floating around on the internet for a couple of years but its enduring power only highlights the timelessness of Pev’s creations, which sit confidently outside the dance world’s sometimes-oppressive trend continuum. A more peak-time affair than its sibling, here a searing synthline conjures unease, distorted across a dense field of hissing percussion, lending the track a viscerality which is cleverly counterpointed by the jangling keys that kick three minutes into the piece. It’s business as usual for Pev, effortlessly conjuring a pair of raw tracks that will please both the ‘floor and the headphone crowd, paying loving homage to the UK scene’s sonic history while never walking anyone’s path but his own.