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Posthuman: Hecatism

In a world where the digital flow of music has exceeded the level of gluttony by far, the limited edition vinyl run gives music a memorable and tangible element, even though it attracts the ire of the entitled digital collector. Tusk Wax have weighed in on the purist side of the divide, kicking off the RSI Records label with a quickly evaporating stock of Posthuman‘s Hecatism.

Usually known for acidic edged Techno—counting the likes of Ben Sims and Radioactive Man as recent Posthuman remixers—Hecatism is a slow burning delight and their best release to date. With the tempo taken right down, a mechanical funk enters the framework, giving the metallic bass a head nodding sway. A sci-fi tinged middle third provides a hint of uncertainty, before the spotlight is shone right back on that bassline.

Hecatism is backed up by Helioshock, which keeps with the low down mood. This time Posthuman pull out the 303’s as the centrepoint, and Roland’s classic machine, while excellent at aggressive dramatics, proves to be as alluring as ever when tied down into a subtle funky groove.

Remix duties for Hecatism fall to Damon Martin of Disco Bloodbath and the mysteriously monikered Pork Intl. The former picks up on the breathy notes of the original’s cosmic section, turning in an easy going interpretation that coasts along. Staying truer to the dark swinging template, Pork Intl toughens the percussion, works the groove for the duration and answers the calls of the bass riff with their own replies.

Limited in nature, but not in quality, Hecatism evokes memories of discovering cuts with shelf life on an impromptu shopping excursion, and stories of infamous hard to find slices of wax swapped between friends. Make sure you hunt this down before you are at the mercy of the Discogs marketplace, this is one to feel at your fingertips and not the button click.