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Rezzett: Goodness

If the past two releases of the mysterious Rezzett duo have kept you drooling over for more super-amplified rugged beats and sonic switchback reliefs then the third delivery will do more than convince.

Following the same peculiar cooking method that they raised as their standard sound, Goodness won’t be much of an original complement to Rezzett’s young catalogue, but is very much another fierce musical object in the straight wake of their ‘Rezzett EP‘ and ‘Zootie‘. Not faking newness with a couple of hocus-pocus moves but rather assuming their wholly personal lexicon, the guys come up with what proves to be another efficient example of their consistent sense of tune-making.

On ‘Goodness‘, the impactful and twisted equilibrium merges from the double-triggering of melancholic synthwaves dissolving in flats while gritty lines and uppercut samples come disfigure the surface. The kind of improbable crossover the duo is the most at ease with, melting together raw, sharpened hats upon deliciously lysergic soundscapes. Immediately identifiable, their music has no equivalent in terms of layering and texturing these days. Managing to create spellbinding vanishing points with a pinch of synth magic-powder yet remaining deliriously efficient when it comes to pure percussive anarchy, the persistence of their intricate structures is nothing short of graceful despite the superficially greasy aspect of the ensemble.

The subtly-arranged stratums of sound are organised in some sort of rough and spontaneous cosmogony, but the cuts definitely showcase Rezzett’s fine orchestrating dash in an impressive manner. The suspended melody of ‘Twizzta‘ unveils plainly in a terrific second part that definitely counts as one of the highlight moments of the EP. While distortions and effects keep spinning and bending in dust and hiss, making it feel like a playful hide-and-seek game on endless levels, it’s the sense for detailing that amazes the most in this orgiastic confusion of boiling matter. The least bleep turns into an essential load-bearing element, the apparently decorative little percussion in the background suddenly explodes foreground.

Boiling Ds‘ might not be the main track here, it still breathes in something that’s not been too present in Rezzett’s tunes yet. Indeed, the closing track is more progressive than any of the previous, unleashing a bit of 4 / 4 explosiveness and opening some space for the crosscut synth swells to express on long range. The percussions and bongos beat a lengthier pulse, the stabbing chords stretch out their tentacles: it feels good to hear Rezzett adding another string to their bow, exploring more remote rhythmic grounds than these they had been delving into till then. Unfolding a more straightforward swing, less focused on kaleidoscopic superimposition and constant switch, the closure offers some interesting new horizons of possibilities for the duo. One thing is sure, they might well not care at all.

Rezzett are playing live alongside Beatrice Dillon and TTT label boss Will Bankhead for Black Atlantic on Thursday 26th March 2015 at Cafe OTO. Tickets available on Resident Advisor

Goodness is out now on The Trilogy Tapes, order a vinyl copy from the TTT web store.


1.  Goodness
2.  Twizzta
3.  Boiling Ds


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