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Robag Wruhme: Wuppdeckmischmampflow

Don’t let the tongue twister of a title put you off, ‘Wuppdeckmischmampflow’ is Robag Wruhme’s latest 14 track mix CD on Kompakt. Before I go on, I know what you’re all thinking…why bother releasing a mix CD when you can download as many podcast for free. A fair point but come on, there are mixes and there are mixes, and this CD is worth every bit of your attention.

Gabor Schablitzki better known as Robag Wruhme is the brother of Sören Bodner, together they share a huge passion and knowledge for music and when they perform and produce together they’re known as the Wighnomy Brothers, Robag’s the dude with the long hair and hefty beard.

Their reputation alone is something they can be proud of. Described as ‘the drunken masters of minimal house’ these two brothers can be seen pulling shapes, sloshing vodka and thoroughly enjoying themselves behind the decks and if that doesn’t impress, they’ve been producing music for the past ten years on labels such as Freude Am Tanzen, WB Records and of course Kompakt.

The mix isn’t some hard techno mix that requires a vast warehouse and a monster sound system. it’s gentle and acts almost like a great soundtrack for doing what you want to do, whether it be walking to the bus stop or whilst working, this mix suits every mood.

Skim through the tracklist and you’ll easily see that the tune selection alone is superb. Offering quality tunes from the likes of Ricardo Villabobos, Tiefschwarz, Moderat, Claro Intelecto, Koze, Four Tet and of course just to top it off an exclusive Robag Wruhme track.

According to Michael Mayer ‘Robag’s trademark is his excessive use of reverb effects. Like black holes they suck in and spit out the most varied influences. It’s a kind of magic.’  It’s fair to say that his extensive knowledge of producing and experience of playing all over the globe has enabled him to mix and meld tracks together very well indeed.

Overall ‘Wuppdeckmischmampflow’ is a highly commendable mix CD, I just wish there were more tracks on it.

Robag Wruhme’s ‘Wuppdeckmischmampflow’ will be released on the 17th January 2011 on Kompakt.