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S.O.N.S: Shinjuku One Night Stand

After making quite a splash with the widely praised inaugural transmission of the T.O.K.Y.O series, released via his own eponymous imprint two years ago, mysterious producer S.O.N.S is back with the just as massive ‘Shinjuku One Night Stand’ a six-track double pack larded with acidic salvos, augmented jungle moves and irruptive laser-battle gunnery.

The opening track ‘Landing On The Unknown‘ breaks the EP in on a quiet trippy note, lulling its listener in a state of cosmic inertia as distorted vocals, bleeps and bloops plunge us deeper into warped augmented-reality views. One of the EP’s highlights, ‘Acid Dreams‘ gives up on the slo-mo ambientish levitation, instead well rushing into smiley-emblazoned realms with its rough-hewn mishmash of chopped-up vox bits, tape-saturated aesthetic and heavy breaks rolling over a sludge of 303 motifs.

Only track to inhabit the B-side, the 10-minute long ‘Sunrise‘ dives deep in intoxicating soundscapes, rife with iridescent arpeggios and tight-strapped percussions. The equally extended ‘Hurricane‘ offers yet another facet of S.O.N.S polyamorous approach and voracious appetite for all type of rhythmic constructions. Birdsongs mingle freely with pressurized drum patterns and prismatic synth stabs, whilst the groove builds up at unrelenting speed.

Yamanote Underground‘ returns to a more ethereal and contemplative state of mind but the bass never lies far. From a seemingly offbeat ambient backdrop, the vibe gets fidgety and basal attributes get shattered in mirroring echoes. Shutting the lid is the outstanding ‘City Of Fear‘, an openly malevolent drift in murky terrains with its altered psalmody breathing out nothing but fear and anxiety. It may sound terrible said like that, but you’ll keep begging for more.

Shinjuku One Night Stand is out now, sold out everywhere. Repress coming in January. 


A1. Landing On The Unknown
A2. Acid Dreams (Trance Jungle Mix)
B1. Sunrise
C1. Hurricane (Mortal Kombat Mix)
D1. Yamanote Underground Beach
D2. City Of Fear

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