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Clocking in at number 275 in our podcast series, S.O.N.S lays down one of his trademark Homeric audio voyages –¬†vibrantly alive and luxuriously designed. Traversing a variety of moods and tempi, in turns earthly and heavenly, intricate and streamlined, the present mix provides a proper riveting panoramic view into S.O.N.S kaleidoscopic domains.

S.O.N.S: Shin-Okubo One Night Stand

Cinematic yet danceable, undecidedly appealed by Everestian heights all the while traveling the infra-world with eagle vision, this new outing further asserts S.O.N.S as a sure-handed producer with an unparalleled knack for crafting this subtle melange of micro-organic technoid scapes and extra wide-angle compositions.

S.O.N.S: Shimokitazawa One Night Stand

Third in the ‘One Night Stand’ series, ‘Shimokitazawa ONS’ perpetuates the sonic identity established by the first couple EPs, letting S.O.N.S’ sure shot amalgams of organic ambientisms, ayahuasca-fueled multivision scope and supple groovy flexions do the talk in splendid fashion.

S.O.N.S: Shinjuku One Night Stand

After making quite a splash with the widely praised inaugural transmission of the T.O.K.Y.O series, released via his own eponymous imprint two years ago, mysterious producer S.O.N.S is back with the just as massive ‘Shinjuku One Night Stand’ – a six-track double pack larded with acidic salvos, augmented jungle moves and irruptive laser-battle gunnery.