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Samo DJ: Kicked Out Of Everywhere

Marrying the impact of gritty technoid rough drafts, well-oiled broken beat nuts and bolts, with more of an atmospheric lean there to implement psychic sideration to the fullest (swimming close to A Made Up Sound’s troubled waters in this regard), Samo DJ delivers an ever dynamic assortment of straight up tumbling crescendos and brutal breakdowns.

LKF‘ is the most frontally catchy tune of the batch, bred on moody basement-dub grounds with a thick haze of FXs building up as Scott Young’s haunting voice parrots the same Cantonese rhyme over (“Where to go Tonight? I’m going to LKF” – note, LKF is a “skanky party place” in Honk Kong). Stringing abrasive hi-hats like metal shards, the track engulfs everything on its way, as its deadly grids of passive-aggressive percussions and anesthetic vocal samples ensure you’re hooked from end to end.


"Marrying the impact of gritty technoid rough drafts and well-oiled
 broken beat nuts and bolts [...] Samo DJ delivers an ever dynamic 
assortment of straight up tumbling crescendos and brutal breakdowns"

The rest of the EP is more of a grower, striking a chord on the length whilst offering a prismatic view on Samo’s wide-ranging outreach. Known for his versatility the Swedish producer unravels a unique thread that connects the dots between what feels like audio captures from a 24-hour odyssey. The massive ‘Beeps‘ gets cracking on a proper savage rave’y note, hurling blood-thirsty bass over bars of gut-punching arrhythmic kicks. Knee deep in sweat.

Medellin‘ is basically the same loop flowing for just over seven minutes, more meditative as only a few barely audible background modulations and arrangements bring very subtle change but still, when a loop is good… it’s good. The closing cut, ‘Downer‘ is of a different ilk. Heaved by a locomotive-like swing, it soft-pedals the previous tracks’ high-pressure grooves and opens on more soothing, mellifluous ambiences in a welcome soft-handed conclusion. Question remains, does Bankhead ever get it wrong?

Kicked Out Of Everywhere is out now, order a vinyl copy from Juno.


1. Beeps
2. LKF
3. Medellin
4. Downer

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