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Various Artists: Spectral Sound

Spectral Sound is without doubt one of the most respected electronic dance labels. Since 2000 every release that has been released from Spectral, sister label of Ghostly International, is always of the highest calibre.  Spectral was formed to focus specifically on dance floor orientated music, so that Ghostly could open up to more abstract experimental sounds, or as Spectral say “to find the perfect balance between retro and future, art and dance. What makes Spectral so special are their artists such as Osborne, James Cotton, Bodycode, Kate Simko, 2AM/FM, Hieroglyphic Being as well as Spectrals co-founder Matthew Dear aka Audion, False and Jabberjaw.

‘Spectral Sound’ celebrates 10 years of the label. Lee Curtiss leads the compilation with the simmering house of “Smoking Mirrors”; Bodycode checks in with a jumpy, moody little number, “Immune”; while Spectral newcomer Gadi Mizrahi lends the slow-burning, percussive “Oh Love.” Seth Troxler & Matthew Dear add a refractive twist on techno with the twisted digitalia of “Hurt.” Of course Dear’s other aliases make appearances, with “The Connie Shake”’s spiraling nanofunk as Jabberjaw and the epic “I Am the Car” as Audion. The lone unreleased track comes from Spectral vet Osborne, whose “5th Stage (John Roberts Remix)” envelops melancholic melodies in a cinematic shroud—a lasting statement to close Spectral Sound. The releases artwork is courtesy of Mike Cina, we strongly recommend that you check this release out…in fact it’s essential listening.