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Ricardo Villalobos joins AMBIQ in Berlin for live show at Radialsystem V

Arjunamusic gather the four artists together on the stage of the Radialsystem venue in Berlin for a special live performance featuring Max Loderbauer and Ricardo Villalobos with their modular synths, Samuel Rohrer on drums and machines and Claudio Puntin taking care of the clarinet.

The special event, taking place on Sunday 24th April will musically embody the need of overcoming distinction between musical genres or composition techniques, presenting Ricardo Villalobos out of the dance context and allowing all four of them to have a musical dialogue without a prefixed start or end, all based on improvisation.

Describing their style as “dark organic ambient”: the analog synths of pioneering producer Max Loderbauer blend effortlessly with acoustic instruments fronted by Claudio Puntin’s clarinet and Samuel Rohrer’s percussions.

Last year Ricardo Villalobos contributed a remix of ‘Tund‘, part of the first AMBIQ’s release, interacting once again with Max Loderbauer, with whom he already teamed up on Perlon, Other People, ECM and Claudio Puntin, who appeared several times on stage with the Vilod duo.

For further information head over to the event page on Facebook, tickets are available here.