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Robin Félix inaugurates De l’aube imprint with ‘Senselessness 1/2’

Swiss producer Robin Félix inaugurates the De l’aube imprint with a beautifully crafted 4-track EP named ‘Senselessness 1/2‘ – an exquisite ode to the art of field recording, IDM and experimental electronica.

Based out of Biel in Switzerland, Robin Félix and Lisa Vatan join forces to establish De l’aube – a multi-faceted imprint aimed to explore both sonic experimentations and fine art tendencies, a place where music can interact with dance, choreography and real life exhibitions.

Marking his first ever release, ‘Senselessness 1/2‘ is a bold debut EP from the Swiss producer. Mastered by Italian producer Giuseppe Tillieci aka Neel, the EP boasts gold risograph print artwork by Lisa Vatan inspired by the ancient Japanese paper marbling technique Suminagashi.

Spanning four tracks, Félix deploys a steadfast grasp of field recording – interweaving multi-layered recordings that have been processed, transformed, manipulated, skewered and twisted into order to create a library of sounds to experiment with.

Our pick from the release is the final track ‘Swarm‘ thanks to its atmospheric sound design, swirling radial ambiance and intricate IDM drum work, recordings of insects rubbing their wings together. One for the headphone commute. File alongside Huerco S, Jan Jelinek and Skee Mask.

‘Senselessness 1/2’ is scheduled for release 16th September via De l’aube. Order a vinyl copy from Inverted Audio Store and digital from Bandcamp.


1. Cluster
2. Chi
3. Boiler
4. Swarm

Robin Félix Senselessness 1:2 3