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Seb Wildblood drops new EP ‘Grab The Wheel’ on own label all my thoughts

Fresh off releases on Church and Omena, London house stalwart Seb Wildblood returns with his first EP of the year, ‘Grab The Wheel‘, out early November via his own imprint, all my thoughts. Exploring further down the jazzy, ambient-infused facet of his craft, this new four-track menu of delicately woven gourmet house beats finds Wildblood at his most immersive and inspired.

Starting things off on a strong ’90s sound-indebted note, the EP seamlessly glides from sustained uptempo rides to beatless daydreaming sequences, before re-combining the drums and pads through a dizzying whirlwind of colours and sensations. Lovers of lavishly-textured dubs, earth-nostalgic space travel soundtracking, woozy neo-balearic and post-KLF atmospherics, you’ll all have something to get your teeth into. Get a taster with the soothing ‘Bad Space Habits‘ below.

Grab The Wheel EP is released via all my thoughts on 9th November, order a copy from Juno.


A1. Leave It Open
A2. Bad Space Habits
B1. Grab The Wheel
B2. Landing

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