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Smashing Tape Records launch with Antonio ‘Breeze EP’

Freshly returning from his ‘Tough Steel‘ debut as Raw Ambassador on up-and-coming Italian label UN.T.O., Antonio Barbetta kicks off new lo-fi house and techno label Smashing Tape Records with ‘Breeze EP‘, a solid four-track 12″ featuring a remix from L.A. Club Resource affiliate Innsyter on the flip and scheduled for release sometime in April.

Bathed in a grimy treacle of hard-nosed tape-saturation and hissy lo-freq swells, Antonio’s heavy-battering techno mechanics pulse the beat of a relentless cruise through murky ghetto alleys and barren underground car parks. Don’t forget to buckle up.

Smashing Tape Record’s ethos is to keep the prices as low as possible, which means no regular distribution circuit. Get in touch with the label for direct pre-orders.

Breeze EP is released via Smashing Tape Records mid April.


A1 K-K
A2 Spaze
B1 Breeze
B2 Breeze (Innsyter Remix)

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