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Sun Sad Records debuts with Efdemin and Vril

Berlin-based DJ and promoter Lucas Brell inaugurates his imprint next month with a three track 12-inch from Efdemin and Vril.

Four years in the making, Sun Sad is the result of Brell’s continuous hustle of Berlin’s party scene and past experience of programming club events for Zur Klappe and OXI Garten. Now, he switches things up with the launch of his new label – courtesy of two German producers that he has long admired.

Sun Sad 001‘ features two solo tracks from each producer, plus a remix by Efdemin. ‘Endless‘ is built around an endlessly progressing organ-pattern, combining classic Efdemin grooves with shimmering waves of beauty. Whereas ‘Purge‘ by Vril is said to be “an experience of a self-cleaning process in different phases”.

‘Sun Sad 001’ is scheduled for release 1 October via Sun Sad Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Efdemin – Endless
2. Vril – Purge
3. Vril – Purge (Efdemin Remix)