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The Humble Bee lines up ‘Light Trespassing’ on Motion Ward

Following the release of Ulla’s ‘Limitless Frame‘ LP, Motion Ward close out the year with one last transmission from multi-talented UK artist Craig Tattersall aka The Humble Bee.

Composed of 10 blissfully pensive and poetic tracks, ‘Light Trespassing‘ is certainly not aimed for the dancefloor, instead it shimmers with acoustic instrumentation, warped lo-fi melodies and an ambling hazy ambiance.

Highlights include ‘Wood and Metal Moss and Rust‘, ‘Nothing to Ask For‘ and ‘However Far I Walk‘, which bears a similar resemblance to Aphex Twin’s doppler effect composition ‘aisatsana [102]‘.

‘Light Trespassing’ is scheduled for release in December via Motion Ward


1. A Little Alone Snow
2. However Far I Walk
3. When Your Voice Disappears
4. Wood and Metal
5. A Day of Light
6. Inside Out Mountains
7. Your Ever Present Source
8. Dotted and Course
9. Nothing to Ask For
10. My Last Message