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Tresor detail XOR Gate LP from Gerald Donald and Second Woman EP for release in March

Tresor have announced the release of two upcoming records scheduled for release in March. The first is a solo LP from Gerald Donald – one half of Drexciya and the leading light of both Dopplereffekt and Arpanet – and marks the debut album under his freshly-minted XOR Gate alias.

Scheduled for release 9th March, “Conic Sections” LP consists of a single 30-minute track, composed of eight intertwined themes, in which “waveform & synthesis are merged entirely with emotions.” Expect shimmering futurist synthesizer studies in the vein of his latest release as Dopplereffekt, Cellular Automata. Read about the meaning of Conic Sections¬†here.

The second release is a 4 track extended player from Second Woman, a project that’s the brainchild of Telefon Tel Aviv’s Joshua Eustis and Turk Dietrich of Belong. Since joining forces in 2016, the duo have produced two albums for Spectrum Spools, and this is their first outing for Tresor. “Apart / Instant” develops their kaleidoscopic, rhythmically unhinged electronica into a sound that’s more club-focused than their earlier work. Take a listen to “Instant” below.

Tresor will release “Conic Sections” LP on 9th March, and “Apart / Instant” on 23rd March.


Conic Sections LP

1. XOR Gate – Conic Sections

Apart / Instant EP

1. Instant I
2. Instant II
3. Apart I
4. Apart II

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