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Florian T M Zeisig & Forest Management collaborate as Unt, release ‘Clips of Perspective’ LP

Florian T M Zeisig continues his streak of collaboration albums with the recent release of ‘Clips of Perspective‘, a new project forged in 2020 by Chicago-based drummer John Daniel (fka Forest Management) and the experimental German producer.

Pressed using high-end and recycled materials, ‘Clips of Perspective‘ is the result of the two producers forging and synthesising an array of genres – ranging from dub techno to screwed hip-hop, with hints of jazz, avant-garde composition, and new age music – into a personal conversation. It’s a deeply pensive album, suitably for drizzly days and hazy moods.

The duo began working together in early 2020, just before lockdown, during John Daniel’s last European tour performing as Forest Management. Starting as a jam session in Zeisig’s bedroom, ‘Clips of Perspective‘ is their debut effort, combining both artists’ engagement with free-form electronic music.

‘Clips of Perspective’ is out now via Enmossed and Psychic Liberation. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. 55 Insomnia
2. Love Is Power II
3. Zlep
4. Night 1
5. U,m1
7. Grids
8. Om0jn
9. Gomy