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Music Video: Eliott Litrowski – Schmock Machine

Released in late 2018, Eliott Litrowski‘s latest 12-inch drop on Rotterdam’s finest Moustache Records has since inspired a duet of visual artists a pair of arresting pieces.

First to add her spin to the French producer’s Italo-infused electronics, Camille Doussy – a French-born Copenhagen-based visual artist responsible for numerous collaborations in the realm of electronic music, including eye-catching video pieces for the likes of Opal Tapes and Petrola 80.

Premiering through our channels today, her video for the lead-track ‘Schmock Machine‘ is a mind-blowing kaleidoscope of dancing abstract forms and patterns, multiplying intricate superimpositions of glassy textures, shape-shifting whorls of vivid colours and other glitchy tapestries reminiscent of hallucinogenic ’90s-era Windows screen savers.

Enter a world of digital madness and learn to dissolve your real-world fleshly carcass in Doussy’s hyper-deep pool of pixelated FX layers, faux-organic laces and screwed-up 3D rendering. Next level mind-bender.

Schmock Machine EP is out now on Moustache Records, order a copy from Juno.


A1. Schmock Machine
A2. Arpeggiophobia
B1. He Sometimes Goes Out At Night
B2. Patrique’s World

Discover more about Eliott Litrowski and Moustache Records on Inverted Audio.

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