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Portable premieres self-directed music video “Reeva Numbers”

It has been almost exactly a year since we premiered Portable’s stunning self-directed music video for his track ‘Surrender‘, which we also ranked as second in 2014’s Best Music Videos. Fortunately the wait is over and Portable, real name Alan Abrahams, premieres “Reeva Numbers“, his latest self-directed music video made for the release of his new 3-track ‘Lovers & Players‘ EP on Rhythm Cult.

"I shot the video across Brazil, Georgia and Paris. The general theme
being to find places of worship. As it’s essentially a house track,
I thought I’d point out the similarities in us gathering in club
spaces as a form of communion." - Alan Abrahams (Portable)

Portable – Reeva Numbers


20 November 2015

Portable Lovers-and-Players



1. Reeva Numbers
2. Only Human
3. Moving, Trains And You


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