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Vivian Koch shares Buy Music Club playlist ahead of 12 Years of Inverted Audio

Ahead of our 12 Year Anniversary at ÆDEN on Friday, Vivian Koch weaves together a Buy Music Club playlist of tracks that represent a part of her sound and influences at this moment.

Earlier this year, Berlin-based producer Vivian Koch recently left us flabbergasted with her new album ‘Beyond Contact‘ on AD 93 – “With a run time a shade over half an hour, you’ll hit the rewind button repeatedly, indulging in little personal journeys of thought each time.”

“There’s one specific feeling I always connect with the music I am drawn to. And that’s airy”

Koch’s DJ style drifts between a love of breakbeat through to dancefloor slammers and lots of magical stuff in between, all held together with slick transitions and technical wizardry.

Tickets are available via Inverted Audio. If you require assistance with your purchase, contact Ticket Support.


1. Barker – Bent
2. Aboutface – °s
3. Paraadiso – Astral Projection
4. Superabundance – Mindness 64
5. Olaf Tonstein – Algol
6. Tomu DJ – Nectarine
7. Pugilist – Contagion
8. Answer Code Request – Audax
9. Calibre – Barren
10. Beyun – Hidden Variables

12 Years Of Inverted Audio