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Wbeeza announces ‘Expression Of Love’ LP for Third Ear Recordings

Wbeeza has announced the release of his second album ‘Expression Of Love’ for London based imprint Third Ear Recordings, scheduled for release on 2nd November 2015.

Since its inception in 2002, Third Ear’s output has remained ineffably reliable and multifaceted whilst carrying forth a distinct and tangible sense of soul. Now – 13 years on Wbeeza makes a welcome return home and follows up a slew of lauded EPs on the label as well as his 2010 debut LP, ‘Void’ with only his second album, ‘Expression Of Love’. A long term favourite amongst both House traditionalists and experimentalists, Warren Brown entwines Jazz, Hip Hop, Detroit Techno, Soul and Disco with ineffable fluidity, and with Expression Of Love – the Peckham-based producer expands on his canon and presents 7 cuts that fans both old and new will relish.

Expression Of Love LP is released via Third Ear Recordings on 2nd November 2015.


1. Say Nuttin
2. Cosmic Jazz
3. It’s A Sign
4. Work
5. Expressions Of Love
6. Turn The Lights Off
7. Cakewalk

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