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Win Tickets to 4DSOUND ADE Sound Academy with Raster-Noton live performances & masterclass


For those of you attending Amsterdam Dance Event this year, you’re in luck! We’ve teamed up with 4DSOUND to offer two pairs of tickets to their ADE Sound Academy live performances from Raster-Noton on Thursday 16th October and Robert Lippok & Peter Kirn masterclass on Friday 17th October.

ADE Sound Academy focuses on the presentation and development of inspiring new settings in music, technology and art. 4DSOUND will host an extensive 5-day schedule of varied masterclasses, hands-on workshops and live performances on the 4DSOUND system, involving a variety of internationally respected artists, creators and thinkers, set within the Compagnietheater, a former Lutheran church built in 1793, located in the heart of Amsterdam.

On Thursday night Raster-Noton will showcase four premiere live performances on the 4DSOUND system by Grischa Lichtenberger, Frank Bretschneider, Senking and Robert Lippok & Peter Kirn a collaboration between well-established Berlin-based visual artist and composer Robert Lippok – one third of electronic post-rock trio To Rococo Rot – and Create Digital Music ‘s founder, audio-visual artist and technologist Peter Kirn. Lippok and Kirn have produced a live structure in sound, space, and rhythm, composing on the basis of designed spaces by architects Arno Brandlhuber, Matteo Ferroni, and Jason Danziger commissioned specifically for this project.

On Friday afternoon Berlin-based duo Lippok & Kirn will devote a masterclass discussing their architectural approach to sound. That night Finland’s Sasu Ripatti aka Vladislav Delay takes over the stage presenting an extended live performance that will endure until the early hours. The audience is invited to enter the 4DSOUND system as an open exhibition space – an environment that Rippati will continuously excite and trigger in a most intuitive and impulsive way.

To enter the competition to win x 2 tickets to Raster-Noton on 16th October and x 2 tickets to Masterclass with Robert Lippok & Peter Kirn on 17th October, answer the question and email competition@inverted-audio.com with the subject heading ‘4DSOUND’:

Q: In what year did Vladislav Delay release his album ‘Kuopio’?

Competition ends Friday 10th October.