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Xiao Quan gets ‘A Taste Of Revenge’ for Infinite Machine

São Paulo-based producer Xiao Quan lands on Mexico’s Infinite Machine for ‘A Taste Of Revenge‘, a five-track slab of mutant techno and hybrid club heaters.

The EP continues Xiao Quan’s longstanding fascination and musical explorations of The Crying Freeman manga series, mirroring the manga’s intense action and martial arts tropes with fighting-fit percussion and deadly basslines, serving as a timely update to the jungle and drum and bass scene’s obsession with martial arts-inspired music in the ’90’s.

The producer has served up a small handful of cassettes and numerous digital-only albums for micro-labels and underground electronic compilations on labels from China to Glasgow and across the Pacific to Chile, with the majority of his music inspired in name or style by the mid-80’s mafia/slasher manga.

Drawing hard, percussive polyrhythms and saturated bass into a state of war with one another, Quan’s sound on the EP at times reminds of the more forward-thinking and genre-agnostic cuts out of the forementioned 90’s UK dance scenes, but the music skips straight to psychedelic club futurism, and all swerve the taint of artistic novelty.

The EP, therefore, is right at home on Infinite Machine, whose output looks ever forward and not back. A network of furious rhythms to add drama and energy to a set, and equally musical enough to capture interest outside of the club context.

‘A Taste Of Revenge’ is scheduled for release 28 May via Infinite Machine. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. Chakram Intel Bulletins
2. A Taste of Revenge
3. Shades of Death
4. Crying Freeman
5. The Dragon from Russia