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Antepop mixes the twelfth edition of Arch Selections

Inverted Audio founder and editor-in-chief Tom Durston aka DJ Antepop steps up to deliver the twelfth edition of the Arch Selections podcast series, exploring every avenue of electronic dub, hazy catacombs of smoked-out ambience and summery IDM.

“This vinyl mix marks my first recorded mix in 8 months, my Technics had been in storage for way too long, but with an invite to record an ambient mix for arch and some recent new additions to my collection, I had to get them dusted off and spinning again.”

The British selector recorded the mix in a conservatory surrounded by plants in the heart of rural England. “I dug out some of the finest ambient and downtempo records in my collection and put them together with a lone listener in mind. This is not for the dancefloor, it’s to let the mind wander. I hope you enjoy listening to it.”

The next Arch concert takes place on Friday 9th July featuring live sets from Ignez, Inland & Magna Pia, Toxido Mask and DJ support from Mandingo.


1. Ulla – Inside Means (33rpm)
2. Zum Goldenen Schwarm ‎- Aufgang III
3. Florian T M Zeisig – Only Textures
4. Huerco S. – Rushing To Paradise
5. Sa Pa – Deya Navigation
6. Zum Goldenen Schwarm ‎- Ubergang
7. PLO Man & C3D-E – Public Static V
8. Loidis – In The Place I Sit
9. Florian T M Zeisig – First Version
10. Dean Hurley – Excerpt 5
11. Ulla – Aware Of Something
12. Anton Zap – Party Down Dub
13. Leafar Legov – Talk
14. Terekke – Mix 91
15. Unknown – Unknown
16. Royal Crown Of Sweden – Fauno Rosso
17. Ulla – Inside Means (33rpm)
18. Turinn – Petrichor
19. Brothomstates – Mdrmx
20. Kristuit Salu – Germain Fabric
21. Adolf Noise – M.i.s.s. UFO ’72
22. Florian T M Zeisig – Aspire
23. Space Afrika – Untitled (To Describe You) [OST] feat. Tibyan Mahawah Sanoh
24. Huerco S. – Monks Mound (Arcology)
25. Vril – Longius Astrum
26. Rising Sun – What Happened?
27. Grouper – Holding