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Lone: Ambivert Tools Volume Three

This third volume sees Lone in a mood that draws comparisons to Bicep’s award stealing album from last year. Where the Belfast born duo explored early 90’s progressive edged vibes through a crystalline lens, ‘Ambivert Tools Volume 3’ goes widescreen in its approach.

Lone: Reality Testing

Matt Cutler is back with his sixth studio album and his music’s still fresh as ice-cold lemonade in the hot, dry air.

Lone: Galaxy Garden

1. New Colour
2. The Animal Pattern
3. As a Child [ft. Machinedrum]
4. Lying in the Reeds
5. Dragon Blue Eyes
6. Crystal Caverns 1991
7. Raindance
8. Dream GirlSky Surfer
9. Earth’s Lungs
10. Cthulhu [ft. Machinedrum]
11. Stands Tidal Waves
12. Spirals [ft. Anneka]