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AVA. Records mark ’10 Yahre’ milestone with 4LP compilation

Compiled by Juri Bader and Damiano von Erckert, AVA. Records celebrate a decade of love based music next month with the release of a bountiful 4LP compilation named ‘10 Yahre‘.

Consisting of 22 tracks from the labels roster and extended family, ‘10 Yahre’ features an array of additional artefacts, including a 30 page magazine, a mixed CD, custom made silkscreen sleeve plus a textile keychain and stickers.

The 4LP includes music from: Am Kinem, Andy Hart, Axel Boman, Cinthie, Damiano von Erckert, Dman, Dogpatrol, форм, Jürgen Ratan, Jus-Ed, Lauer, Lowtec, Move D, Paingel, Paradise Grey, Retrogott, Robi, Ron Trent, Sinoesin, Tito Wun, U-I, Will Saul and Wolfey.

The color magazine and video includes works by: Alina Bader, Andy Kassier, Angel, Anna Beil, Ata Macias, Bailey Keogh, Damiano von Erckert, Dirk Jeans & Lou de Bètoly, Funkycan, Guido, Jana Marei, Jana Maria Dohmann, Joana Pratschke, Johannes Wohnseifer, Juri Bader, Kuchenbaum, Manuel Fischer, Maria Sécio, Martin Fengel & Public Possession, Mathias Schmitt, Maximilian Schweizer, Michael Satter, Naum Hirsl, Nicolas Wenz, Peter Wolff, Rein Vollenga, Rucksack Leer, Stelan Mergenthaler, Suzanne Caroline de Carrasco, Twit One and Yves Taron Harouche.

’10 Yahre’ is scheduled for release 3 December via AVA. Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Move D / Dman – Badboy
2. Sinoesin – Demiconductor
3. Robi – Two Spheres 05:55
4. Dogpatrol – South Side Pool Hall
5. Retrogott – Suckerdeejayz
6. форм – Dve Gory
7. Ron Trent – 25 Strings (Remix for DVE) 08:44
8. Am Kinem – 4 AVA.
9. Paradise Grey – 873
10. Lowtec – Roaming the Street 07:08
11. Jürgen Ratan – Display
12. U-I – Noon at Lagoon
13. Lauer – Pioneer Housing Area
14. Andy Hart – Water 06:24
15. Tito Wun – Thewayo
16. Paingel – Blind Backen
17. Will Saul – Avalon
18. Jus-Ed – Cachupa (Original Mix)
19. Axel Boman – Don’t Breathe Yet
20. Damiano von Erckert – Desert Scorpion
21. Cinthie – Ibiza Rave Tune 3000
22. Wolfey – Optimism Bias