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Black Atlantic bring Rezzett, Beatrice Dillon, Will Bankhead to Cafe OTO

Following Rezzett’s debut live performance at Dance Tunnel last month, courtesy of VENT, the mysterious duo are back in Dalston for another live showcase at Cafe OTO on Thursday 26th March alongside Beatrice Dillon and Will Bankhead.

Although Rezzett’s identity is still unconfirmed, the project includes two artists, who started publishing videos on YouTube around two years ago with ‘Fire Bomb‘. Since then they have released three EP’s on Will Bankhead’s The Trilogy Tapes. Their talent in producing rugged beats and sonic switchback reliefs has been once again confirmed with their latest ‘Goodness‘, which dropped last week.

Beatrice Dillon is a London-based artist, who released a limited edition mixtape, ‘Folkways 2‘ on The Trilogy Tapes last year, an impressive combination of  electronic experiments, folk and country with dub an African drums.

Other than operating The Trilogy Tapes and Hinge Finger alongside Joy Orbison, Will Bankhead is also one of the main visual directors of Mo Wax. Having contributed artwork for Honest Jon’s, Doldrums, R&S Records, Hyperdub and Hessle Audio, Bankhead is one of the key leading visual designers working within the realms of electronic music.




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