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Correspondant bring together Axel Boman, Borusiade & more for Compilation 04

Whilst celebrating their 5 year anniversary with a Birthday Tour kick off at Panorama last week-end, Jennifer Cardini‘s Correspondant has recently announced the fourth compilation on the label, due out on June 10th.

This year’s edition of the compilation features both Correspondant core artists, news entries and close collaborators such as Borusiade, the Còmeme artist having just made her debut on the French label with ‘Feelings Of Entropy‘, and Studio Barnhus co-founder Axel Boman.

Among the contributors, we also find Tel-Aviv producer Autarkic mingling insouciant vocals with groovy pitched-down bass lines, Madrid-based Javi Redondo, Hivern Discs duo INIT and Charlois affiliate Dollkraut. Fusing dark wave with disco, gloomy vocals and punk echoes, ‘Compilation 04‘ brushes a solid in-depth view of Correspondant’s ever-challenging catalogue.

Correspondant Compilation 04 is released via Correspondant on June 10th 2016. Stream it on Deezer

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1. Die Wilde Jagd – Drachenfels
2. Vox Lox – I am A Strange Machine Sometimes
3. Chida – Aoyoma Tunnel
4. Gilad Kahana – Africa Sheli (Red Axes Remix)
5. Javi Redondo – Narcotic Luv
6. Axel Boman – The Chains Of Liberty
7. Man Power – Cine
8. Borusiade – Nihilist Conga
9. Autarkic – Accidents
10. Jonathan Kusuma – Metro Mini
11. INIT – Prelog Strain
12. Dollkraut – Bonnie Said
13. Yovav – Running Wave
14. Rina – Pianista
15. Kiwi – Cormorant

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