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Listen back to DJ Heartbreak live at ÆDEN

Three months have passed since Inverted Audio hosted our third club night at ÆDEN with Konduku, Kate Miller, Severja and DJ Heartbreak. With the event firmly on the distant horizon, it’s time to revisit that night with this recording of DJ Heartbreak.

Originally from Manchester, DJ Heartbreak is our man on the ground in Berlin, conducting in-depth reviews, features and podcasts with Boris, David Elimelech, nd_baumecker, Luke Slater, Perila and Valentino Mora, whilst also delving into all things dub via a semi-regular show on Berlin’s Refuge Worldwide, side-stepping your regular 4/4 Berlin schranz, to dive into dozzy-driven head twirlers and weightless Bristolian heavyweights.

This recording delivers up a smorgasbord of club sounds incorporating tracks from DJ Plead, Mike Parker, Donato Dozzy, Marco Shuttle, Lakej, Planetary Assault Systems, Hodge, Claro Intelecto, Psyk, DJ Nobu, Two Shell, Konduku, Bambounou, Viels, PTTRN, Gianluca Caiati, Shifted, Valentino Mora, Zvrra.

Photo by DJ Heartbreak