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Efdemin announces ‘Mono’ EP on Counterchange featuring DJ Skull & Johanna Knutsson

Following a track contribution on Inland’s 22-track ‘Stream State‘ label compilation in 2020, Efdemin lines up his first solo EP on Counterchange featuring remixes from DJ Skull and Johanna Knutsson.

Slated for release in April, Efdemin delivers two typically pumping and hypnotic tracks. ‘Mono’ steers an organic, runaway synth line (courtesy of the Korg Monopoly), along a sleek, 136 BPM set of modernist rails. ‘Subconscious Dub’ bows to a dusty lo-fi house alter while bouncing to a funky, techno-centric, contemporary pulse.

On the flip side, DJ Skull remixes ‘Sequence 100’ reshaping the original into an effervescent, summery deep-house stomper. In juxtaposition, Johanna Knutsson delivers a verdant forest of post-club ambience and subtle harmonics.

‘Mono’ is scheduled for release 8 April via Counterchange Recordings. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

Photo by Tom Durston


1. Mono
2. Subconscious Dub
3. Sequence 100 (Johanna Knutsson Remix)
4. Sequence 100 (DJ Skull Remix)