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Recondite on Iffy

Following the release of Recondite’s third album ‘Iffy‘ in November, we caught up with Lorenz Brunner to find out more about the concept behind his new album, artwork, music video and relationship he has with Ame, Dixon and the rest of the Innervisions crew.

Where are you at the moment and what have you been up to recently?

Right now I’m in Berlin. Arrived yesterday from Istanbul and Dubai – going to Miami, New Mexico and Florence on Wednesday.

Tell me about your new album Iffy? Is there a concept behind the name, track names and artwork?

The name says it all basically. It’s all about uncertainty. The dog doesn’t know whether to attack or run away. He is torn between aggression and fear. I feel like that a lot. Torn between feelings. Recondite means something similar. I think you can always hear this in my music.

What provoked you to start working on the album?

I never start something by intention. I always make music. Mostly after finishing tracks, I understand what emotions I expressed and I see what was going on in my sub-consciousness at the time when I made them. Then I get an idea in what context I will put them and how I could release them.

How did you get involved with Innervisions and come to agree to release Iffy through the imprint?

First – parties where I played with Ame and Dixon. Then a friendship that grew out of continuous meetings for gigs, dinners and football watching. Dixon wanted to release ‘Levo’, and I delivered more music – so we thought about putting it all into one release.

Where did you spend the majority of your time working / writing the album?

On airports, airplanes and hotel rooms.

Did your surrounding environments or travels help shape the tracks within the album?

I don’t know if you can call it help but definitely influenced.

Do you have a favorite track?

No – all my tracks have something that I like about them.

In terms of production, do you feel that you have explored new sound territories? Perhaps experimenting with new instruments or hardware to achieve a particular sound?

Not really. I always use Ableton as an instrument. It gives endless possibilities. It’s all about doing stuff without a plan and shaping up emotions. This time with a slightly different colour. It wouldn’t make any sense to repeat myself.

How do you think Iffy fits alongside your previous albums for Ghostly International and Absurd / Acid Test?

It definitely continues the story about a recondite emotional state of mind. I like giving my releases a little touch of the music that the label it’s being released on stands for, I did that for all my albums. ‘On Acid’ is self explanatory – for ‘Hinterland’ on Ghostly I decided to do something artier, soundscape and cinematically orientated.

This is also a great possibility to give the variations in my music proper platforms and the possibility to differ without changing the artist name.

Tell me about the music video process for ‘Levo’ – who’s the director and where was it shot?

Two friends of mine who are trained cameramen went with me to a hut in the Austrian Alps, not too far from our hometown. Basically we just filmed what we did without them in the picture. Very spontaneous and unintentional. We were walking around in the nature and basically just enjoyed the early autumn vibe we had during those days.

How do you see your career as a musician developing from this album?

Well I haven’t really thought about that. You know it is ‘just’ one album… there will be more.
 The one for 2015 is already finished. I did one every year now since 2012. If every single one would influence my musical career I probably would get disorientated and lost.

Iffy is out now, order a vinyl copy from Muting The Noise.




1. Baro
2. Levo
3. Tame
4. Garbo
5. Buteo
6. Duolo
7. Konter
8. Steady
9. Glint
10. Jim Jams

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