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Floppy Drive: Project Pablo, Lauer, Felix Dickinson, Ex-Terrestrial at Wilde Renate

Reboot your old Commodore and lock the date: on October 26 Wilde Renate‘s event series Floppy Drive is coming and you better be fit for the dancing challenge ahead. To celebrate the release of their debut EP, Wilde Renate residents Peak & Swift have gathered a special shock force to help them bring the dance floor to utmost effervescence: Project Pablo, Lauer, Felix Dickinson, Ex-Terrestrial.

Sure to set the night under the best possible auspices, Montreal’s number one vibes merchant Project Pablo will step up to deliver one of his patented jackin’ and flowin’ boogie-down sessions, sure to have dancers tripping the light fantastic. Assisting him in his funky duties, Running Back and Permanent Vacation mainstay Lauer will grace the crowd with his typically deep but dynamic blends.

A legend of the decks responsible for countless blue-chip releases for the likes of DFA, Eskimo, Rush Hour and International Feel, Felix Dickinson – alias Foolish, of Foolish & Sly fame, Cosmic Malcolm, half of top-class outfits like LHAS Inc., Das Etwas and Dedication, will bring his inimitable talents as a selector and DJ to Floppy Drive’s well-furnished table for a night of blissful dancing and dreaming.

Another key player of the Montreal scene, Adam Feingold aka Ex-Terrestrial, who’s shown particularly active in 2018 with a trio of solid releases for NAFF, Magicwire and Pacific Rhythm, will expand the scope to further lavish cosmic scapes, taking the dancers on a seamless cross-dimensional journey. Lovers of sci-fi electronics on a strong trancey, nigh nu-agey tip can rejoice, it’s their very train at the station.

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