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Project Pablo: Come To Canada You Will Like It

Kicking off his new label, Verdicchio Music Publishing, Montreal’s Project Pablo steps up with his inviting debut LP, ‘Come To Canada You Will Like It’. Even though each track is deeply enjoyable on its own we’re talking about a solid work where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and where each track acquires full meaning when interacting with the other ones.

Project Pablo

Following the release of Project Pablo’s “I Want To Believe” cassette on 1080p, we caught up with the Montreal based producer to discuss his background and current situation in Canada. His mix is a warm blend of house, funk and soul.

Project Pablo: I Want To Believe

The nine tracks on I Want To Believe’s cassette are golden: bouncy live-style jams drawn with clean lines rather than the excessive fuzz that many of his contemporaries use to drown their grooves.