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Nathan Fake: Sunder

There is much to be said for not over producing and recording live to tape – yet regardless of the work process, it’s the final outcome that matters most and in this case it has served “Sunder” and our ears magnificently.

Views: Godspeed Dancefloor

‘Godspeed Dancefloor’ is infectious. From the off, it is pure dopamine and far from an MSG laden guilty indulgence. January has been dry in many regards but we have the first big hitter of the year right here. Don’t let it slip under your radar.

Fabric 91: Nina Kraviz

Fabric close out the year with a techno mix from Nina Kraviz. Following on from last year’s DJ Kicks session, it represents a significant A-to-Z journey with a tour through a vibrant and varied landscape. Featuring archive tracks and unreleased moments from her трип label, breath-taking is not a strong enough word to encapsulate it.

Flaty: New Suggestions (Album Stream)

Named “New Suggestions”, the St. Petersburg force is joined by Gost favourites OL and Lapti, as well as John’s Kingdom head honcho Buttechno among others. And while many of the records these artists are associated with are rooted in more functional house and techno, much of the music on this album isn’t anchored to any conventional beat.