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Dreamcrusher, Sote, Jon The Dog to perform at Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival

Taking place in Switzerland next week, the 22nd edition of the revered Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival presents a stirring and experimental abundance of movies, musical performances, workshops, exhibitions and book launches.

Between 18 – 22 October 2023, LUFF is set to be a trip through time and space, where cinema tributes to Bruce Lee are presented alongside experiments with nitrate film, while in the sound section, screeching hurdy-gurdies echo electronic distortions of all kinds. With the Casino de Montbenon as its central venue, LUFF’s multi-various venues sprawl throughout Lausanne where screenings, sound performances, workshops, book launches, and other exhibitions will come to life.

Featuring 22 projects consisting of artificial symphony musical highlights include Iranian experimental producer Sote, legendary noise maker Dreamcrusher and Japanese phenomenon Jon The Dog. The eclectic and dense sound performance program takes the form of a dialogue between shifting powers. Strictly noise, sometimes musical, highly saturated, or falsely trippy.

The cinema program of LUFF brings hidden treasures as well as holy relics of underground cinema, coming from all parts of the globe. In addition to the international competitions of feature films and shorts, six cineramas will highlight the work of influential filmmakers and uncover some obscure but nonetheless fascinating productions, that had been forgotten in the depths of film libraries. Highlights include the world premiere of the “Greek B movie” ‘The Wild Pussycat‘, “Irish red nose” ‘Apocalypse Clown‘, heater-like horror movie ‘Hosszú alkony‘, and an extensive short film and documentary programme.

Free-to-attend concerts include sets from Drone Operatør, a post- digital duo from Dresden and Fake Trailers, a disturbing and unpredictable performance dedicated to aliens.

Daily Passes are priced 25-45 CHF per day ticket. OFF events are free to attend. Concerts are priced at 20 CHF.