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Listen back to Inverted Audio x Radio Punctum with Oliver Torr

On Thursday 25 February, Inverted Audio returned to the airwaves, this time at our new monthly residency on Prague’s Radio Punctum.

Our new show brings with it a new format: the two-hour consecutive mixing of our Netil Radio days are gone, with host Freddie Hudson bringing one guest each week to swap tunes and talk in greater depth about the music itself.

For the occasion, Oliver Torr (Shape Platform 2020 alumni), and a linchpin of the youthful scene of the Czech Republic’s capital, the talented multi-instrumentalist’s debut album, ‘Fragility of Context‘ was released the following day, and the radio show granted an opportunity to talk in depth about the influences of the album, and his process of creation.

Alongside a selection of tracks from the album, the pair shared music from Sarah Haras’ album ‘Mirage‘, on Chinabot, Pauline Anna Strom on RVNG Intl., and forthcoming music from Kentaro Hayashi on Opal Tapes.

Tune into our next Radio Punctum broadcast on 25 March (19:00 CET / 18:00 GMT)


1. Sandro Mussida – Rueben (8) [Die Schachtel]
2. Sarah Haras – Wish That I [Chinabot]
3. wzrdryAV – Storm Eluder [Accidental Meetings]
4. Max Rumyantsev – S-Elements [Audion Soundscape Clics]
5. Zoe McPherson ft. Elvin Brandhi – LEARN UR LANGUAGE FASTER [SFX]
6. Lucrecia Dalt – Disuelta [RVNG Intl.]
7. Kentaro Hayashi – Odyssey [Forthcoming Opal Tapes]
8. Pauline Anna Strom – Small Reptiles on the Forest Floor [RVNG Intl.]
9. Oliver Torr – Cleanser #1 [Self Released]
10. Oliver Torr – Stay True [Self Released]
11. Oliver Torr – Losing Mine [Self Released’]
12. Jimmy Edgar – Bent (feat. Hudson Mohawke) [Innovative Leisure]
13. Slowdive – Rutte [Creation Records]
14. Detente 2020 – Bucket Tube (ft. Afu Ra & Jakub Tengler Live Drums) [FM Label]